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Woodstock, Georgia

This year, Palmer Engineering was awarded the Structural Engineers Association’s 2018 Excellence in Structural Engineering award for their work on Sweet Hut Bakery and Cafe. This merit award was a recognition of excellence for the hard work in planning and executing the challenging, but beautifully designed structure which was completed within 7 months from start to finish. Sweet Hut Kennesaw is a modern bakery and cafe facility with two levels, including an open dining area and a state-of-the-art kitchen on the first level, and a mezzanine dining area on the second. The structure consists of structural steel framing with non-load bearing cold-formed steel infill walls. It is 6,380 square feet and was designed to provide a memorable experience with an amazing view, exposed structure, unique decor, ample lighting, and cozy seating. Sweet Hut Kennesaw is the largest location for the franchise and now acts as a model for new locations as the company continues to grow, adding on to success of a job well done.

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sweet hut bakery and cafe
sweet hut bakery and cafe