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Lilburn, Georgia

“It’s the hidden jem of Atlanta,” Baku Patel, President of Palmer Engineering says. “Until and unless you go inside, there are no words that can describe this masterpiece and no pictures that can do it justice.” The BAPS Hindu Temple, located in Lilburn, Georgia, took 3 and a half years to build and was worth every minute of detailed planning and constructing. The campus has been listed as a “Top Thing to see in Atlanta” by the Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta business chronicle and the AJC newspaper. On the other hand, like any good building, it had unique challenges from a structural standpoint. For one, it was designed to incorporate 2000 years of building life expectancy. Naturally, the question quickly became how that would be possible to achieve structurally. The building was made with all natural materials and plain concrete to essentially resist gravity and lateral loads. Many different minds, techniques, and unique structural engineering practices went into the creation of this hidden gem of Atlanta, and it was truly a compilation of all of the people and ideas involved that made BAPS what it is now. BAPS will continue to be a true work of art in Atlanta, and will stand the test of time as a hidden gem for centuries to come.

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