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Sepehr Sabooree

Junior Engineer

Sepehr Sabooree joined Palmer Engineering Company in 2017. Sepehr received his Bachelor’s and Masters of Science in Civil Engineering from Southern Polytech State University (now known as Kennesaw State University).

Area of Expertise:
Property condition assessment, water intrusion, materials evaluation, carbon fiber design, shoring design, nondestructive testing, pavement evaluations, failure analysis, finite element analysis, structure analysis, and structural restoration design projects. Mr. Sabooree has extensive experience in contract document preparation, project management, facility evaluations and nondestructive materials testing including, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Ultrasonic (UT), impact echo (IE) and other project specific tests.

Memorable Project Story:
Eight story concrete building renovation project in Atlanta; I went to the project site to perform a project progress inspection and found out that the contractor was chipping inside the concrete columns rebar cage of four column next to each in the middle of the building while more than 100 people were working on the levels above and generating vibration. Long story short I stopped the job and made the contractor install proper shoring prior to continuing the job. Always think before working.

Client Philosophy:
“BE ON TIME. Keep the client informed at all time, respond ASAP (even on weekends) let them know the progress and stand by your words. Insure them that they can rely on you and trust you.”

Special Interests:
“I love cars, salt water fishing, playing golf, and grilling. Cars are my passion, I know a little bit about every car.”

Little Known Fact:
“I am honest, I usually say what I want to say in the form of a joke.”