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Rahul Desai, P.E.

Senior Project Engineer

Rahul Desai joined PEC in August 2017, with 5.5 years of prior building design experience.  He earned a B.S. in Civil/Environmental Engineering, and an M.S. in Civil/Structural Engineering, both from the University of Kansas.  He received his P.E. license while working in Detroit, Michigan, in 2015.  Rahul is excited to bring his experience to PEC.

Area of Expertise:
Commercial & Institutional buildings. Steel specialty, particularly with wind controlled lateral designs as well as heavy snow loads.

Client Philosophy:
I aim to approach each Client with a sense of service, as well as a team mentality. In my opinion, structural engineering is a profession that dovetails with the concept of service, at many scales. I try to bring that attitude to each project, and always aim to keep a “can-do” attitude.

Special Interests:
My ideal weekend would include trekking into the mountains with my wife and two dogs for a few days of camping and hiking.

Little Known Fact:
I took up homebrewing beer recently! All but one batch have turned out really well… and ALL have turned out much better than the “wine” my college roommate and I made from frozen grape juice in a 5 gallon paint bucket!!