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Jorge Castillo P.E.

Project Engineer

Jorge Castillo recently joined PEC, with 5 years of prior telecommunications design experience. Jorge received his Bachelors and Masters of Science in Civil Engineering, with a focus on structures, both from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his P.E. license from California in 2017 and is working towards obtaining his S.E. license.
Jorge grew up in Puerto Rico, working construction at his father’s business since he was a child. This planted the seed for his interest in structural engineering. Jorge is excited to bring his experience to PEC.

Area of Expertise:

Memorable Project Story:
“I still have a fresh memory of a telecom tower I climbed a few years back. I was still new to the industry and was learning the ropes from the lead engineer inspector. The tower was a 60 ft concrete pole, in the central mountains of Puerto Rico, sitting on top of a +/- 500 ft cliff. By this time I had already climbed several towers, much taller in fact, but the difference was that they had been steel truss towers (stiffer) and on flat ground. Right from the start of the climb, as soon as I clipped in, I felt the pole swinging with the wind. My father had picked us up from the airport so he was on site watching us work. The fact that he was there made me keep going; he was there watching, I couldn’t back down. It was a relatively short climb, but it felt forever. When I got to the top and looked down, the combination of the 500 ft drop below and the swinging of the pole made me have a panic attack – my heart was racing. I took a moment to calm down and rationalize that the swinging of the pole is expected. My structural engineering side kicked in and I started rationalizing: ok, it is after all a tall slender cantilevered pole – more like an inverted pendulum, concrete which will swing more than a regular steel truss tower, sitting on top of a ridge with serious Topographic considerations. It was at that moment where deflection calculations we run day-to-day at the office made sense! I finally felt what a 1-2 ft deflection was like.”

Client Philosophy:
“My philosophy with clients, and other professionals overall, comes from my father. He’s taught me that your word is the strongest currency you have, that it is better to listen than to talk, to be humble and transparent, and that honesty and integrity create a reputation that will do the talking for you when you’re not present. Considering the needs of our clients and the responsibility structural engineers have in serving the public, I strive to conduct myself following these principles.”

Special Interests:
“Regardless of clichés, my main interests involve outdoor activities including biking, camping, trekking, mountaineering, photography, and diving. I love traveling and when I do, I focus on locations with cultural, social, and historical significance to me.”

Little Known Fact:
“I took a yearlong sabbatical where I backpacked more than 50 countries in 4 different continents. It was during this time that I shaped my current vision of the meaning of life, the value of human relationships, and the goal of fulfilling human potential.”